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Fresh Pacific Northwest grown vegetables go from field to freezer in just hours, locking in natural texture, fresh flavor and nutritional goodness. So when only premium quality vegetables will do, insist on FLAV-R-PAC Vegetable Collection®.

A Fresh look at Frozen.

FLAV-R-PAC® frozen veggies all start fresh from the farm to ensure customer satisfaction and profits. A Fresh look at Frozen.

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FLAV-R-PAC FROZEN vegetables are picked and packed in just hours, at their peak of ripeness, optimal flavor and maximum nutritional value.

Even though most consumers believe “fresh” produce is no more than 4 days old when purchased, it can be 13 days (or more) old before being served.

The natural taste and texture of CANNED veggies can be altered by the heat from cooking and the canning process.

FROZEN and properly stored vegetables “lock in” nutrients and important vitamins. Quick freezing stops the nutrient loss.

Most FRESH produce is picked before it is ripe, with a full spectrum of vitamins & minerals. During transit, direct heat and light can degrade nutrition and quality.

CANNED produce suffers a reduction of important vitamins and minerals, as well as natural color during the canning process.

Nothing is added to the vegetables in processing. Only specific product formulations have any added ingredients.

Many FRESH vegetables are subject to seasonal availability limitations or wide variations in quality – requiring menu adjustments.

CANNED veggies are often high in sodium.

FROZEN veggies and fruits arrive to you fully prepared and recipe-ready. You profit from 100% yield.

FRESH requires time and labor-intensive sorting, trimming, cleaning, slicing and dicing, adding to your food cost. 15 to 50% or more could be discarded. And, 100% of fresh produce will spoil if not used promptly.

Most CANNED vegetables contain 40% or more of liquid/water that is discarded, reducing product yields to 60% or less of the gross weight.

Enjoy the tradition of quality, taste and value that FLAV-R-PAC Vegetable Collection® brings to the plate with this easy-to-prepare line of versatile offerings.


Uniform in length and diameter, our asparagus spears provide premium appearance and excellent plate coverage.
Cut Styles: Medium Spears, Cuts and Tips


We grow the very finest beans available, in many varieties and cuts. Our beans set the standard for great flavor.
Cut Styles: Whole, Whole Petite, Whole Extra Fine, Mixed Short Cut and Regular Cut


Perfect on the side or in signature recipes, you’ll love their labor-saving convenience, and the consistent quality and flavor throughout the year.
Cut Styles: French Cut Thick and Italian Cut


Our Baby Lima Beans are mild flavored with a tender bite, and outstanding served as a side dish or in casseroles, salads, soups and stews.
Also available: Baby Bean Blend


Our broccoli is picked and individually quick frozen at the peak of harvest, resulting in a rich green color and crisp texture.
Cut Styles: Florets, Mini Florets, Spears, Cuts and Chopped


Smaller in size, our tender brussels sprouts have a mild and distinctive flavor.


Grown in the Pacific Northwest, these carrots have a bright, orange color and a naturally sweet taste.
Cut Styles: Whole Baby, Whole Baby Petite, Sliced Smooth, Sliced Crinkle Cut, Diced & Shoestring


Grade A cauliflower featuring tight florets picked at the height of freshness for optimum color and robust piece integrity.
Cut Styles: Whole and Riced


Our sweet, nutritious corn grows in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and is harvested at the peak of flavor.
Cut Styles: 3” Super Sweet, 3” COBBETTS®, 5.5” Cob and 5.5” Super Sweet


Enjoy the taste of summer all year long with our delicious varieties of sweet and tender cut corn.
Cut Styles: Candy Corn, Cut Corn, Super Sweet Cut Corn and Super Sweet Cut White Corn


Edamame has been used as a source of protein for over two thousand years, and is perfect for snacks, in vegetable dishes, salads, and soups.
Cut Styles: Whole, Shelled and Blend


Colorful, great-tasting mixes of Grade A vegetables provide unmatched flavor and recipe-readiness.
Cut Styles: Assorted Varieties, Soup/Stew Blend and Succotash


Bright in color, our onions are carefully trimmed and ready to use with no waste.
Cut Styles: Small Whole, Diced Varieties and Chopped


We pack uniformly small peas to ensure a sweet taste, tender texture, and a naturally appealing color.
Cut Styles: Peas, Petite, Peas & Carrots, Peas and Diced Carrots, and Peas & Pearl Onions


Often considered the most flavorful variety of pea, Sugar Snap Peas provide a crisp, tender texture with a delightfully sweet taste.


Bright in color and trimmed to uniform size, our premium quality peppers add color and flavor to stir frys, soups, sauces and side dishes.
Cut Styles: Green/Red Strips, Green Dices and Red Dices


Potatoes are legendary for their versatility, and ours are cut in a number of sizes to make meal preparation a breeze.
Cut Styles: White Diced, Redskin Diced and Redskin Tri-Cut Dices

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