Non-Profit Label Redemption Program

NORPAC Non-profit Label Redemption Program

Easily raise money for your non-profit with our Label Redemption Program!
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This program runs each year from March 1st to March 31st.

Your organization will earn 5¢ for each UPC symbol saved from NORPAC frozen fruits, vegetables, juices or canned vegetables on any of the following brands: FLAV-R-PAC, WESTPAC, or Santiam. Throughout the year collect your UPC symbols and turn them in during March to receive money for your non-profit.

Who can participate?

Non-profit organizations with tax-exempt status are eligible to participate in NORPAC’S label redemption program.

I am a non-profit organization, where do I start?

Throughout the year collect UPC symbols from our branded products (including FLAV-R- PAC, WESTPAC, or Santiam products). They will have either 48700 or 48800 as the first five-digit set of numbers on the UPC bar code. These numbers verify NORPAC products. Each UPC symbol is worth 5¢.


  • Bundle your collected UPC symbols in batches of 25s or 50s only. It is not necessary to send complete product packaging or containers — the UPC symbol is all we need. You can staple, paper clip, or put them in baggies.
  • Submit your UPC symbols with the turn-in slip.
  • Turn-in your UPC symbols during March 1 – March 31 each year.
  • You can expect your check within 6-8 weeks from close of program (March 31).

We would be delighted to be able to include you and your non-profit group in what has been a successful fund-raiser in the Northwest for years…NORPAC Foods’ Label Redemption Program. This program is a deliciously easy, effective, and fun way to raise money for your organization.


Your organization will earn 5¢ for each UPC symbol saved from the frozen fruits, vegetables, juices or canned vegetables of any of these NORPAC brands:

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