Fresh vs. Frozen

A Fresh look at Frozen.


Frozen veggies and fruits all start fresh from the farm to ensure customer satisfaction and profits.



OPC FROZEN vegetables and fruits are picked and packed in just hours, at their peak of ripeness, optimal flavor and maximum nutritional value.

80% of consumers believe “fresh” produce is no more than 4 days old when purchased. In fact “fresh” produce can be 13 days (or more) old before being served to a guest.

FROZEN and properly stored vegetables and fruits “lock in” nutrients and important vitamins. Quick freezing stops the nutrient loss that occurs with “fresh” produce.

FRESH produce is typically picked before it is ripe, prior to developing a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. During transit, it is often exposed to direct heat and light, which degrade some nutrients – along with flavor and color.

With FROZEN, all the pre-prep is done, before you open the package.

FRESH produce requires time and labor-intensive sorting, cleaning, slicing and dicing, adding to your food cost.

FROZEN vegetables and fruits are never out of season, so you can benefit from their unmatched consistency and uniformity anytime, anywhere, all year round.

Many FRESH vegetables and fruits are subject to seasonal availability limitations or wide variations in quality – requiring menu adjustments to address “out of stocks.”

FROZEN veggies and fruits arrive to you fully prepared and recipe-ready. You profit from 100% yield. And, with the advantage of a 2-year shelf life, you benefit from virtually no waste.

After sorting, cleaning, trimming and prepping, anywhere from 15 to 50% or more of FRESH produce could be discarded. And, 100% of fresh produce will spoil if not used promptly