A Complete Line of Traditional and Specialty Vegetables and Fruits

NORPAC is now part of the OPC Family of Companies. OPC is family owned and headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. We started over 40 years ago as a small family farm and have been blessed to grow significantly with our farm fresh quality and the care we show our customers. We currently own, or control through long term leases, over 140,000 irrigated acres. We also now have a network of processing plants throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Michigan to bring the bounty of our farms to you.
The roots of our heritage offer us complete focus; from farming through the entire process. We are committed to innovation, quality and customer service. The OPC Family of companies is dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices throughout our farming operation, giving us the ability to give our customers “Seed to Fork” varieties of quality potato products, other vegetables and fruits.
As a farmer-owned business, we source our produce through a wide variety of growers in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley. We believe the family farm is the best way to provide delicious, high quality food to our customers. In doing so, we provide support to family farms so they can thrive. We appreciate the wisdom and knowledge that makes up the generations of our farmers, and together we grow and harvest dozens of delicious fruits and vegetables.


Situated with the ideal weather and climate for growing crops, our farms are located on over 35,000 acres in the Pacific Northwest. Here we grow and harvest non-GMO seed fruits and vegetables of unsurpassed quality. Most of our farms are within 50 miles of our local plant facilities, allowing our crops to be picked and packed in just hours.


Deeply rooted in sustainable farming, NORPAC crops are harvested with our best efforts to protect the environment. We follow 9 guiding principles to continually improve our sustainable practices, one of which includes protecting and conserving water resources. Safety of our food and employees is important to us too, and we comply with FDA, USDA, and HACCP food safety programs.


Our continual commitment to the family farm means more than just delivering quality fruits and vegetables. To us, it means providing better jobs by supporting our communities, creating better farming practices to conserve our natural resources, and giving better support of our family farms so we can all enjoy nutritious foods now and in future generations to come.
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