Mango Citrus Salsa on Grilled Fish Tacos

Mango Citrus Salsa on Grilled Fish Tacos


2 cups Flav-R-Pac Fruit Favorites Mango Cubes
¼ tsp Kosher Salt
¼ tsp Black Pepper, ground
1 tbsp Shallots, peeled, minced
1/3 cup Red Pepper, seeded, ¼” diced
½ tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar
¼ tbsp. Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
½ tsp Cilantro, finely chopped
½ tsp Lime Juice
½ tsp Orange Juice

For Fish Taco Application:
16 – 6” corn tortillas
16 – 1 ounce Mahi Mahi strips


In a bowl combine Flav-R-Pac Fruit Favorites Mango Cubes, shallots, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, cilantro, lime juice, and orange juice. Allow to marinate for 30 minutes. Reserve.
To build on each warmed tortilla, layer 1 piece of grilled Mahi Mahi with
2 tablespoons of mango salsa. Serve.

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