12 Sneaky Ways Frozen Veggies Can Amp Up Your Plate

12 Sneaky Ways Frozen Veggies Can Amp Up Your Plate

Even for those who like eating veggies, it can be a challenge to eat the recommended servings each day. And when a craving for a big cheesy pizza hits, it’s tough to ignore a grumbling tummy and cheese cravings and opt for a bowl full of veggies instead. We’re here to tell you it’s easy to have the best of both worlds! Here are 12 sneaky ways to add veggies to your plate.

Asparagus & Pea Frittata

Toss them into a Frittata

Frittatas are the low-carb best friend of the quiche: all the quiche without the crust! By tossing in things like Asparagus or Peas, this heavy egg dish just became a lot lighter!

Scramble them!

A frittata can take some time, but tossing a few eggs in a pan with some broccoli, cauliflower, or even Mixed Vegetables adds color and nutrition to your breakfast quickly!

Asparagus & Pea Frittata

Bake with them!

 Healthy whole grain muffins packed with Carrots are a wonderful snack for on the go. If you’re looking for something a little more decadent, toss some frozen broccoli in the food processor to add to these Broccoli Brownies. (The kids won’t ever have to know).

Amp up your oatmeal!

The oatmeal we all know and love might be topped with brown sugar and fruit, but oats can be savory too! Cook plain oats with water and add your choice of Flav-R-Pac frozen veggies. Top with an egg for extra protein and season with salt, pepper, or a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

Green Smoothie

Hide them in a smoothie!

Instead of using ice in your smoothie, which will only water it down, add a cup of your favorite frozen veggies. Whether it is carrots, spinach or even *gasp* green beans, you’ll never know they are there and you’ve just added a ton of nutrients to your breakfast.

Pasta perfect!

If you are making the customary gigantic pot of Marinara or Bolognese sauce, add in something other than tomatoes. Frozen spinach, pureed frozen carrots, or riced cauliflower are all wonderful additions that will add all the nutrients without affecting the taste. Bonus healthy points if you substitute cauliflower for your noodles.

Sneak them in a casserole!

Anytime that casserole dish comes out of the cupboard, get the food processor. Pureed cauliflower or Blackeye Peas can be added to virtually any casserole without changing taste or texture!

Green Smoothie

Cheese it!

Mac & cheese has to be the most delightfully scrumptious comfort food out there, but, alas, it is not very healthy is it? Cutting out the pasta and replacing it with cauliflower florets cuts some of the calories while keeping all that delicious, cheesy comfort.

Green up your burger!

Mixing in chopped spinach or broccoli with your meat will cut calories without sacrificing the satisfaction of biting into a delicious grilled burger.

Green Smoothie

Slice up a colorful pie!

Yes, a cheesy pizza pie is hard to pass up. But pizzas are a great vehicle for a big pile of veggies. Practically anything works! Heck, you can even replace the crust with cauliflower!

Soup supreme!

When cold weather hits, the soup pots come out and all that savory broth is the perfect vehicle for some added veggies. Grab a bag of pretty much anything and just dump it on in. If you’re feeling crazy, grab two and mix them together!

Stick to the sweet stuff!

Let’s be honest here, chocolate and sugar are pretty much the best way to sneak in your veggies. Carrot Cookies (with some added chocolate chips for good measure) give you the treat without the guilt!

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