Environmental policy

As a cooperative owned by family farmers since its inception in 1924, NORPAC Foods is committed to the concepts of sustainable agriculture and environmentally responsible food manufacturing.

NORPAC supports sustainable agriculture by encouraging its farmer-owners to be certified in compliance with NORPAC agricultural stewardship guiding principles. Those principles honor the cooperative’s commitment to stewardship and sustainability by placing an emphasis on soil and water conservation, using integrated pest management, providing safe and fair working conditions for employees, and making efforts to conserve wildlife habitat. Certification is accomplished through a third-party auditor to verify compliance to the guidelines.

NORPAC operates its manufacturing facilities in a manner which reduces the environmental impact of the facilities and their operations. This includes reducing the use of fresh water, increasing the use of recycled process water, minimizing the generation of solid waste to landfills while maximizing the use of solid waste for recycling and composting, investing in new technology to reduce energy usage, utilizing new packaging technologies to reduce source materials and improve shipping logistics, and measuring the results of environmental performance on an annual basis. Throughout its operations NORPAC is committed to continuous improvement and to lead the way in compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements.

NORPAC has adopted as part of its mission statement the following values statement, which reflects the manner in which NORPAC operates:

NORPAC honors those values held by generations of cooperative employees and family farmers throughout the Northwest:

  • Respect for people.
  • Commitment to quality and service.
  • Integrity, discipline and innovation.
  • A spirit of cooperation.
  • Support of our communities.

NORPAC, through its local farmer base and modern manufacturing facilities, will continue to operate in a manner consistent with our core values, which sustain and enhance the environment while conserving valuable resources.