Fruit Favorites

  • Whether your recipe is sweet or savory, Fruit Favorites makes fruit accessible year long.

  • Apple Cubes

    Apple Cubes

    Diced into tidbits and individually quick - frozen, you can use a little or use a lot.

  • Mango Cubes

    Mango Cubes

    All natural frozen Mango cubes that are great for smoothies, salsa, salad and desserts.

  • Peach Cubes

    Peach Cubes

    All natural frozen Peach Cubes, great for smoothies, baked goods, salsa and salads.

  • Pineapple Cubes

    Pineapple Cubes

    All natural frozen Pineapple cubes, all the work is done! Just add it to your favorite...

  • Strawberry Cubes

    Strawberry Cubes

    All Natural Strawberry cubes ready for your favorite smoothie recipe