Our products

  • Canned vegetables

    Canned vegetables

    You save time and money with year-round availability and consistency from can to can.

  • Chili Supreme

    Chili Supreme

    With made-from-scratch taste,our chili is crafted with only high-quality ingredients.

  • Connoisseur Collection

    Connoisseur Collection

    This collection gives you an on-trend elegant look and savory taste that enhances any meal.

  • Fruit


    A quick way to add a healthful addition to smoothies, salsas, meal toppings, and any dessert.

  • Fruit Favorites

    Fruit Favorites

    Whether your recipe is sweet or savory, Fruit Favorites makes fruit accessible year long.

  • Grande Classics

    Grande Classics

    Healthful and bright vegetable blends that add an extra dimension of premium value to any menu.

  • Pasta Perfect

    Pasta Perfect

    Quick-frozen, pre-cooked pasta and vegetable blends offer perfectly fresh convenience and taste.

  • Potatoes


    High performance red potatoes available year round to work for you at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Roasted vegetables

    Roasted vegetables

    Genuine fire-roasted vegetables feature on trend flavors, without any of the work.

  • Sauced vegetables

    Sauced vegetables

    Dazzling and delicious sauced sides are easy to cook and serve.

  • Scratch Recipe

    Scratch Recipe

    With a commitment to culinary excellence, single-strength soups present gourmet on-trend soups.

  • Soup Select

    Soup Select

    Featuring bright colors and fresh flavor, Soup Select delivers consistently delicious results.

  • Soup Supreme

    Soup Supreme

    Prepared, never pre-cooked frozen scratch soups offer one-step prep.

  • Stir Fry vegetables

    Stir Fry vegetables

    The versatility of our Stir Fry Vegetables give your presentations appeal and value.

  • Sustainably Grown Vegetables

    Sustainably Grown Vegetables

    Vegetables certified from the most comprehensive certification program for sustainable foods.

  • Vegetable blends

    Vegetable blends

    It's more relevant than ever to know where our food comes from. With Flav-R-Pac American...

  • Vegetables


    High-quality, quick-frozen offerings provide year-round availability and convenience.